Family Feedback


 Tim is a great guy, thank you for helping make our families experience a great one. 

Hector Jimenez

 I just want to say thank you to Tim and all his staff for always being kind and caring. Most of all i would like to thank them all once again for raising funds to help pay for my Angel Gabbys headstone. Keep doing what you do. May god bless you.    

Denora Sandoval

 Tim Morris has been nothing but Amazing to our family! Thank you for your Blessing in helping raise money along with Holy Pies for my sons Cancer diagnosis, anything helps at this moment and you were a Blessing. Thank you for helping make it a pleasant experience for my uncles recent funeral service, & thank you for sharing your blessings in giving to others who are in need and have gone without stones, you are a big blessing to them and their families, we just can’t thank you enough, God multiply your blessings!!   

Kristy Jimenez

 So this guy is amazing I love to see how he loves on families all over the world. May God continue to bless this man!!! So glad to have got to know him and getting my sons stone from him and I will get all my headstone needs through him. 

Roberta Duran

Tim is truly a blessing to family in need. Tim is the man with a plan for a beautiful headstone. 

Becca Estelle


Tim is the nicest guy in the world and you'll say the same about what he does for people it's so touching. God Bless this kind Gentleman.

Lee Howe

This gentleman is blessing families all over with headstones.... He's brought so much joy to the ones who have already won that never thought they'd be able to afford it. 

Samantha Bohon

This is what it's all about. Tim and his crew are wonderful people. Thank you Tim and crew.

Susan Shrout

Everyone needs to watch this guy he is amazing an angel send from God for real.

Jessica Woodard 

Check this awesome guy he delivers all over the u.s. 

Tonia Baily

Tim!!! The best headstone maker of the world!!!! He has payment plans and he gets to know the family's who order them! He gets whole heartadly involved because he love all his customers as they were his family.!!!! If you want something original am and person Cemetery Tim is the man for you.!!! Thanks Tim for being there in our time of need!!! 

Debi Ann Sycks


 Check out #cemeterytim really good dedicated man right here loves what he does for all communities!! Need a layway hes got you!! Works with payment plans and more awesome he does giveaways!! Please check the #cemeteryTim man and go outside your box!! 

Jacqlyn Komac

#cemeterytim whoop whoop ! Bless this man. He does so much for so many !!

Michelle Walker

Folks if your needing help trying to put your loved one to rest look up Tim Morris #cemeterytim let him help..

Tina Shoemaker

I love the things he does for people he's a very good person thank you Tim God's watching over you

Annie Tucker

Just amazing...God bless you Tim Whoop whoop!

Sally Jo Rodriguez

This man does amazing things for grieving families. Please check out his page.

Cherie Muncie Lester


Everyone on my facebook page go to his page and like this manis angel for what he does for family's Thank u

Donna Hester

Everyone look at these beautiful headstones that #cemeterytim has shared and plz if you haven't been to his page go check it out Tim is an awesome person

Patricia Edwards

#cemeterytim lets give a big hand to Tim for designing awesome and affordable tombstones with even layaway people he is trying to make it possible for everyone that needs one to be able to get one THANK YOU TIM 

Daneta Benoist

#Cemeterytim This man made my year. For many years I have wanted to replace my baby sisters headstone. #Cemetarytim gifted me a headstone for my baby sister. This man has blessed so many families. I thank you so very much #Cemeterytim, you and your crew are awesome.

Amy Garcia

He works with you and your family to make it happen to your satisfaction and your families theirs nothing more that anyone will wanna give a love one that has pass the way than to put their dignity on a gravestone with some beatiful amazing work and where else than with Tim Morris and his team.

Juanita Lilman Sandoval

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I'm giving Tim Morris a five star rating which would give 10star. I would like to say first Thank you Tim for your kindness, generous,honest,loving compassionate ❤. Your giving away headstones to the less fortunate is amazing thank you every week Tim has a drawing live on Facebook what a blessing to all. I highly recommend Tim's service's for all your deceased loved one's his work is beautiful absolutely beautiful. Again I thank you for all you do for other's. 

Tessa Lynn 

You find very few people in this world,  that goes out of their way to help others.  And after reading reviews of others about Tim,  sounds to me like he is a very kind and generous man.  Keep up the good work.  Your kindness and generosity will surely be rewarded. 

Buffy Fowler

Tim is an amazing guy! Always helping others.
I am grateful for everything he does. He helps a lot of families. I would absolutely recommend getting your headstone from him with his amazing heart and style. 

Samantha Bryant

Tim is a very compassionate person. Helping so many families and supporting them as well. Highly recommend doing business with his company!! 

Julie James

I have been following Cemetery Tim for 3 months, he has been such a kind  Inspiration to me and my family. He gives such joy.   I wish more people could be like him. 

Angele Daniels

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If there was a 10 star, I would give it to Tim, he helps out the community alot. Love what he does for the people. God Bless Tim for what he has done so far. 

Linda Collins

Cemetery Tim is one if the kindest people I know. Who do yoy know who is willing to go out of there way to help people in need. Especially offering 2 free headstones to families in need every week. You ciuld not ask for a more xarinf and compassionate person!!!! Love what you do Tim keep up the kindness!!!! 

Debra Wood

I have not been on this site for very long.  But when my dad died Tim said I am sorry about your loss. And that means a lot to me. I can't wait to meet him in person one day. 

Emily Mellick 

He has beautiful work. He is a blessing to a lot of families.I give him a 5 star . thank you tim for all you do. 

Stacey Tate

Cemetery Tim has amazing headstones that are reasonably priced. He's always ready to lend a helping hand! 

Brittney Conger

I have heard all good things about this man a true life saver for some thank you for all you do god bless 

Pamela Lester

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This is the best company I have ever dealt with in the 25 yrs I have been in the Funeral services. 

Will Davis

They are super considerate people. Very compassionate and their selection and price can't be beat. 

Amy Hutson

Cemetery Tim has the most beautiful headstones and he is the most reachable person to get your questions answered he also offers layaway on headstones for those of us that don't have thousands in the bank. 

Lisa Chrans

Tim morris is a amazing man he go's above and beyond for EVERYONE he comes in contact with. he has helped so many familys that would never have a head stone for a loved one . if you need to make payments he will work with you any way he can so please share share and like his page watch his videos. He deserves all the shares we can give him


Connie Cline

#cemeterytim is the best man in the whole wide world. Hes an angel sent from God. Tims a wonderful guy helping people all over the world Im glad I found his Page Ive been following his page awhile now.I luv me sum #cemeterytim and if I could Id give him 1000 million stars #cemeterytim is the best!!!!! I thank u for everything u do #cemeterytim 

Gloria Humphries

I give Tim Morris 5 stars because that is as many as I can.He has done so much for so many families and his community. He is a blessing to people at one of the worst times of their lives. 

Rebecca Selby